Steven Tyler Jennifer Lopez Randy Jackson

Jennifer Lopez holds her own among co-judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson on "American Idol." Photo: Michael Becker / FOX

As Jennifer Lopez took her place at the judge's panel this week on "American Idol," it wasn't her talent as a singer, dancer, actress, producer, fashion designer or judge that stood out. Heck, it wasn't even her infamous smokin' hot bod. Nope. This time it was her hair.

Sporting new honey-toned highlights on her sleek strands, the 41-year-old bootylicious star was all glammed up for her big debut on the season premiere of "American Idol."

We love how versatile J.Lo is with her long locks. Worn straight, wavy or in a fancy updo, she always manages to look gorgeous in our book.

The jury is out, though, on how she will fare in her new judge's role on "American Idol." As hard as she tried last night to be honest with contestants, she admittedly found it difficult to replace Simon Cowell (whose thick black locks we love, by the way).

"Oh, my God, I hate this! Why did I sign up for this? I want to go home," Lopez said after rejecting a contestant for the first time.

Yes, crushing someone's dreams is difficult -- but at least the pop-star sensation looked amazing while doing so.

Now if we could just get our hands (and scissors) on co-judge Steven Tyler's mess of a mane!

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