Ski bunny chic at D&G Ready-to-Wear. Photo: ILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty ImagesS

With nothing but snow, snow and more snow, we're ready to strap on some skis and make for the hills. But as much as we love hitting the slopes, we have to admit that it's the après-ski that we really look forward to. So for this installment of The Weekender, we've got your perfect post-slope ski bunny look.

Style tips:
  • Layers: The key to ski resort dressing (and all winter dressing actually) is layering. You never know if a room is going to toasty, drafty or anything in between. We love starting with some form-fitting pieces like this All Saints tunic. It hugs the curves while still keeping you cozy.
  • Boots: Fur boots are the classic après-ski accessory. They've made a huge resurgence in the past year coming down the runway everywhere from Michael Kors to Tory Burch. Mukluks are the original fur boots, modeled after footwear that the Inuits wore in the Arctic. They're durable and cozy, an ideal winter investment.
  • Sweater: Ski vacations are the time to pile on all those great winter patterns, and our favorite is the Fair Isle sweater. This faux-fur trimmed version is a great statement piece. Other patterns to look out for? Intarsia and Icelandic.