President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama at the memorial service for Tuscon shooting victims on January 12 and at the White House State Dinner for Chinese President Hu Jinato on January 19. Photos: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images | Alex Wong/Getty Images

The stress of being the most powerful leader in the Western world while attempting to rescue a fledgling economy, help millions of Americans who are out of work and end international conflict has to manifest somewhere.

For President Barack Obama -- like so many of his White House predecessors -- the job's stresses have gone straight to his tresses.

The 49-year-old leader has been the first to acknowledge -- and even joke about -- his rapidly graying hair which has grown noticeably whiter since he assumed office two years ago. In fact, the salt-and-pepper look started during sleepless nights on the campaign trail.

Even with a growing approval rating (up eight points to 53 percent versus a month ago), Obama has to be feeling the heat. But, just like so many other problems he is fighting, it appears he has also decided to fight the war on gray hair.

At Wednesday's White House State Dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao, Obama's formerly jet black locks appeared to be somewhat restored.

Was it the lighting? A shorter, cropped cut? Or a case of some good hair dye? Our guess is a combination of all three because while the gray was noticeably less, patches of his salty strands still remained.

When there are mounting world issues at stake, what's a little aging hair, right? Besides, just like the President has quoted from time to time, "A touch of gray, kinda suits you anyway."

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