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Holly Madison has never been one to shy away from the naked truth.

So the blond beauty, who had distinction of being Hugh Hefner's No. 1 live-in girlfriend on E!'s "The Girls Next Door," was ready to bare some personal things when she spoke to StyleList about the second season of her spin-off reality series, "Holly's World."

With Hefner, 84, recently engaged to 24-year-old Crystal Harris, and Madison ready to embark on another season as headliner in burlesque-themed "Peepshow" at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, there was lots to catch up on -- including a weighty issue.

StyleList: The shocker this season is that Peepshow asks you to lose weight, which is hard to believe because you're so tiny.
Holly Madison
: I was pretty surprised. I mean everyone thinks, no matter how thin they are or how fit, they they can tone up their tummy or something, but lose weight? I just didn't think it was so bad. It's true, I gained a little bit a weight since I came to Vegas, but I moved here just after finishing "Dancing with the Stars." There, I was doing six hours of cardio a day, so I was at my lowest weight ever. And the truth is there's just no way I'm going to be thin like that again.

StyleList: So what does it say to you about unrealistic body images when someone with your body gets put on a diet?
: What happened is that we had a cast change and a lot of the new girls were very thin and muscular. I looked different next to them because I'm very curvy, but I didn't think I should have to conform because the cast changed. I think all different kinds of bodies are beautiful.

StyleList: Did you lose any?
(Sighs) A little. I'm trying to get as healthy as I can. I try to do treadmill when I can, but I'm only going to lose so much. What I've really tried to do is change the way I eat. I've been having fresh, diet meals delivered to the house. And I'm not eating as much junk and fast food, which is my weakness. Those changes have helped. I see the difference, but I'm so busy! It's hard to find time to work out.

StyleList: What's the different between your Peepshow and everyday looks?
: Not much! My Peepshow is my same makeup I wear most of the time, but I just add some sparkling bright blue eyeliner -- lots of it -- to make my eyes pop. I always think about people way in the back rows when I get ready I want my eyes to show to them as much as the people in front. I also use artificial hair because it doesn't clump up and frizz.

StyleList: What beauty tricks did you learn from all your Playboy pictorials?
: I definitely developed my makeup style, which is a smoky eye and lighter lip. It's a pretty look for all kinds of settings.

StyleList: How do you care for your skin with all that heavy stage and photo makeup?
I'm in my 30s now and I just take better care of my skin in general. I never lay out in the sun anymore. I only spray tan. As for my skin, I like to use tea tree oil and a wonderful moisturizer, Eclos, at night. I also use Retin A because I have acne and of course, it's a preventative for wrinkles that may be coming down the road.

StyleList: Did you have a beauty or style icon growing up?
: Marilyn Monroe. I loved her look and still do. I had cut outs of her all over my walls. She really was my inspiration and part of why I wanted to be in Playboy.

StyleList:At the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais made come really crude remarks about Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris. As someone who cared for him, were you offended?
No and I haven't talked to him, but I'm sure it didn't bother Hef either. He's been dealing with people mocking him for 50 years. I think he's used to it and has a sense of humor.

SL: You've made it clear you think Hef's recent proposal was premature, but you went to see him and Crystal at the Playboy Mansion after they announced their engagement. Did you ask to see her engagement ring?
No, I didn't see it at the house, but you know she always wears these really long shirts she pulls over her hands for some reason. So, I couldn't have seen it if I wanted to. But honestly, I'm not interested in seeing it.

"Holly's World" premieres on E! Jan. 23 at 10:30/9:30c.

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