Anyone who has ever pulled off her winter hat only to be greeted by a staticky mess can attest that winter is not kind to our hair. The cold temperatures, low humidity and indoor heat are extremely drying to our locks, often leaving them dull, brittle and lifeless.

But with a few simple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, you can whip up a batch of moisture for your tattered tresses.

"It is important to restore and lock in moisture by using oil-rich products that hydrate your hair and scalp and help protect it," said Janice Cox, co-author of "EcoBeauty -- Scrubs, Rubs, Masks, and Bath Bombs for You and Your Friends."

Not only do homemade, eco-friendly beauty products use all-natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals or cruel animal testing, they are also perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

"I know people who are gluten-free or have celiac disease and cannot have grains," said Cox. "They often find wheat is an ingredient in many commercial hair-care products. You can get the same results using homemade products that you do with commercial ones -- and save a lot of money in the process."

Why not give it a try? Check out the gallery above for a few of Cox's favorite recipes to soothe dry winter tresses:

Cox's final piece of advice? "When you are making your own products, you are in control and you can make substitutions. You can improvise with natural oils (say almond instead of olive or sour cream instead of yogurt). Also if you do not want the scent, leave out the essential oils or add in your favorites. You are in charge, and that is one of the main benefits of at-home beauty!"

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