Oregon Postcard

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Dear StyleList:

We love our football in Eugene, Oregon. Home of the Ducks, the University of Oregon and Steve Prefontaine. Underneath all that game day wear are beautiful people with individual flair! Eugene is voted to be one of the healthiest places on Earth to live, and it shows in our women's natural beauty.

Hair: Think long, long layers with highlights for a sun-kissed look. Caramel coloring on top of medium brown hair or a softer blonde highlight with a light brown color brings out any tan. "Color weaves to add highlights are in," says Kimberly Carter, beauty advisor for Lancome in the Valley River Center.

Emma Roberts Anne Hathaway

Actresses Emma Roberts and Anne Hathaway wear sun-kissed highlights. Gareth Cattermole, Getty Images | Stephen Lovekin, WireImage

Nails: The worst-kept beauty secret in Eugene is the ever-popular natural French manicure. This look has been a beauty basic for years and still lives strong! While worn without nail polish, this manicure can give hands a playful, romantic sense of style. To create a team supporting look, many women in Eugene are painting the base of their french manicured nails green, and the tips boast a beautiful yellow! But the earthy tones haven't been forgotten, either.

Eyes: I'm finding a light, natural tone of eyeshadow, starting in the corner of the eye, flowing outward into a second tone to be a popular look for eyes right now. This gives eyes a beautiful, natural, trendy look, while still staying with more neutral tones. But for the most part, women here are simply sticking with those natural eyes. Beautiful, neutral, sensual is truly the trend this season!

Lips: The screaming fans seem to be donning mostly neutral shades in lipstick too. Either nude lips or lips with a shine are the fashion still in Eugene. Lighter tones of pinks or cream colors are found on some. "Women are buying make up products in the more natural shades, occasionally with a soft shimmer," Carter says.

Even in wintertime, the beauty of the Willamette Valley is striking. Whether they're rooting for the Ducks or hiking in our amazing outdoors, the natural beauty of the valley's people glows strong every season!


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