Animating Chanel on

Makeup mastermind Peter Philips let his imagination run wild for this fun and cheeky short, published today on the Nowness site.

The film features robots composed entirely of Chanel cosmetics -- compacts, glosses, brushes, you name it -- that Chanel's global creative director of makeup built in his spare time and then stop-action animated for fun (putting his past in graphic design to good use). The result is flying robots, jumping robots, and robots that strike a pose in a chic blush brush skirt and shoulder pads, all to a fast-paced techno beat.

Where did this idea come from and what does it have to do with the luxurious world of Chanel cosmetics? Well, besides the fact that Philips' success has always stemmed his pursuit of the unexpected, the film was supposedly inspired by a series of headdresses he crafted from beauty-product packaging for a Vogue Paris shoot.

But no matter how the idea took root, we think the result is a fresh and flirty way to showcase the offerings of a classic brand.