Claire's choice for Fashion Week: "Sure, it's for guys, but since when has that stopped us from stealing from our boyfriends?" Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.

A fashionista's favorite part of the winter season?

Not only do we get to exercise our layering chops and increase our marshmallow intake by 200 percent (hot chocolate wouldn't be as indulgent with out an extra marshmallow, or three), we finally get to accessorize in a major way.

Here's what some writers in our StyleList Network are hot for in this cold weather:

Claire of Faboo Madness has a very specific perspective: "No matter how cold it is outside, the addiction to texting, tweeting, Facebooking and sending e-mails out on tiny keyboards won't cease. I really love this clever (and simple) hat and texting-glove set from Saks Fifth Avenue (above, $49). Instead of constantly taking your gloves on and off, you're saved the trouble by the fold-back flaps on the index finger and thumb... I personally like the simple patterns that won't interfere with an ensemble and the travel bag is too convenient!"

(And can we say how much we love her in these adorable high-heel boots that she dares to wear in the snow?)

Collage courtesy of Beckerman Bite Plate

We knew that the Beckerman sisters would give us the most eclectic mix of winter accessories. The girls, who can combine all trends -- including '60s psychedelic, '80s outrageous and '90s grunge -- into a single ensemble, stuck to the most girly hue: pink. But don't be fooled, their choices aren't only for your little sister. Check out the Dominic Jones Gold Nail Gloves and Chanel Muff from Chanel's 2009 pre-Fall collection. See the full spread and credits on their site here.

And really, these women have a way with winter. Ice-skater chic, yes, please.

Photos: Club Monaco, Rag & Bone & Echo

Geri at Because I'm Addicted jumped at the chance to show off her SoCal style with these biker-chic gloves from Club Monaco ($79). And to keep her head warm, Geri would snag this Rag & Bone "Kingsley" hat ($160) -- the sandy hue is reminiscent of Western trends, but would integrate well with East Coaster wardrobes. And animal-print gets a chance to rear its head with this bright Echo scarf ($38). So layer on for a California-cool approach to the chill.

And if you are just so over winter, here are the amazing jeans Geri will wear this spring. Hint: Not skinny!

Photos: Anthropologie | Etsy

Vintage-inspired accessories are a dime a dozen these days, so why not go for the real deal? Audrey of Homerun Ballerina covets this '50s Black Mouton lambs wool hat from Mattie's Menagerie on Etsy for only $28.99. Plus, she'd add this quirky Anthropologie scarf ($138) that will instantly put a little pep in her step as she travels through her Brooklyn neighborhood.

Audrey has a way with vintage hats, by the way. This one just makes us happy. (Scroll past the soup, though that sounds like it'd make us happy, too.)

Photos courtesy of

And now that we have a complete arsenal of winter-friendly accessories, it's time to see how to wear 'em like a pro. snapped these three ladies on the streets of NYC surviving the chilly weather in style. The first: check out Angeline L. and her cozy bomber hat -- the stay-at-home mom recently traveled to Istanbul, Greece, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. To get her look try the classic Mad Bomber style or an updated Juicy Couture option. And the classic beanie keeps hair in place and looks great when you're on the go. Indulge in a cashmere hat-and-glove set, or enroll in prep's cool with Ralph Lauren cable knit. And our all-time favorite accessory to come out of the menswear trend is the felt fedora with two-tone gloves. We are inspired by Alice Ritter, a fashion designer who describes her style as "French Annie Hall." We can't stop drooling over this Asos hat and would love to see it paired with Forzieri gloves.