Black|Up Cosmetics Creme-to-Powder Foundation

Black|Up Cosmetics Creme-to-Powder Foundation. Courtesy of Black|Up Cosmetics

One of France's biggest cosmetic brands for women of color, Black|Up, is now available in the United States.

The extensive color makeup collection now sells to American consumers exclusively through the company's Web site. Meanwhile, Managing Director Lionel Durand is searching for a location for the brand's first freestanding U.S. store, either in New York or Los Angeles.

In addition, the brand, which was dedicated to serving women of color, especially those with darker complexions, has expanded to encompass women of all shades.

The brand held a breakfast at New York's Sofitel last week to introduce the brand to U.S. editors. Celebrity makeup artist Mylah Morales, who works with Rihanna, Estelle, Leona Lewis and Jordin Sparks was on hand to demonstrate and share her favorites.

"I really believe in the product," Morales told StyleList. "I travel all over the world and check out the makeup counters. I use makeup from so many different companies to mix and create one color." However with Black|Up, "there are options that allow me to use just one product."

Some of her favorites: Matifying Base, a primer that can be worn alone or under makeup to give skin a smooth, not shiny, look and feel; Crème-to-Powder Foundation; and Gold Shimmering Body Oil, that gives shine while moisturizing and can even be used on hair.

Morales offered StyleList readers some of her best tips.

Mylah Morales

Celebrity Makeup Artist Mylah Morales. Courtesy Photo

"I'm all about skin and matching foundation with your neck. You don't want to walk around looking like you have a mask on. It's important to match the face with the neck." It all has to match -- the right foundation, the right concealer and the right powder. "Women of color look gray when it doesn't match their exact skin tone."

She believes in using color to get a healthy glow. "I play on color, if I'm going to do a bright lip, I will do more of a nude eye. If I do a strong eye, I do a nude lip," she explained. "One of my favorite looks is a blue eye with a bright-pink lip," which she did for Rihanna at the Kids' Choice Awards. "What's great about Black|Up is that its colors are so intense. You can put it on the top of the eye or underneath, but a subtle hint of color. Don't make the mistake of using too much."

Finally, makeup is supposed to be fun. "I don't believe in a set palette for a certain color of person," Morales said. "There are no rules to makeup. Many women are afraid of makeup and color. It's all about playing."

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Follow the simple steps in the video below for flawless foundation for dark skin.