Sherri Shepherd Lamar Sally

Sherri Shepherd and husband-to-be, Lamar Sally. Photo: Ethan Miller/WireImage

Has Sherri Shepherd found the perfect wedding dress to go with her megawatt engagement ring? That's going to have to wait, at least until she loses some weight.

In an exclusive interview with our friends at PopEater, "The View" co-host confessed that she hasn't started wedding-dress shopping because she's planning to drastically slim down before tying the knot with her fiancé, Los Angeles-based television writer Lamar Sally.

"I still have this fantasy that I'm going to be a size 2. I'm hesitant to give everybody my real size," she lamented.

In order to slim into a "single digit" size, Shepherd hired a personal trainer who has her doing squats, lunges and weight-lifting to tone her curves in time for the big day.

Watch PopEater's exclusive video interview with Shepherd below.