Smoky crystal bracelet, $42; Tough brass circle necklace, $110; and Square bangle set, $40. Photo courtesy of BaubleBar

Costume jewelry-lovers are flocking to, a site that sources materials from high-end retailers and to create items in a variety of materials and price points.

The site breaks out its baubles into two categories: Classic and Trend. Classics are timeless pieces like pearls and charm necklaces that are available for purchase 24/7. Trend pieces, which range from gem-filled statement necklaces to chain cuffs, are released in limited-edition collections (every Monday and Wednesday at 3 p.m.) and are available for six weeks (or until they sell out).

Co-founders Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky had one of those movie-style epiphanies when they realized that jewelry was the one accessory they wouldn't splurge on, despite owning piles of shoes, closets full of handbags and fistfuls of pashminas. So the BFFs set out to create a one-stop shop that encompassed all jewelry needs -- guilt free.

We caught up with the girls to discuss their most coveted pieces and what they are looking foward to this spring:

Long purple quartz pendant necklace, $72. Photo courtesy of BaubleBar

StyleList: What do you look for when you choose collections?
BaubleBar: First and foremost, the pieces have to look and feel rich, so we are big on selecting high-end workmanship and materials. It's equally as important to have a great statement necklace that transforms an outfit as it is to have a beautiful pair of stud earrings that add a subtle finishing touch to anything you're wearing.

StyleList: What is your most coveted piece of jewelry?
BaubleBar: Definitely the Warm Jewel Tone Drops in the Classic Collection. We had originally had them in a Trend Collection, but they were so incredibly popular and are such a versatile piece that we moved them over to Classics to live on the site permanently.

StyleList: Which pieces do you think will be top sellers and why?
BaubleBar: The diamond-by-the-yard necklaces and a lot of the plain gold and silver bangle bracelets are almost impossible to keep in stock. We often see people buy those items alongside other pieces, like another layering necklace or a colorful bangle, because they're so versatile.

Gold filigree teardrop earrings, $46. Photo courtesy of BaubleBar

StyleList: What spring trends are you looking forward to most?
BaubleBar: We really love the color-blocking trend and the mixing of acid-bright colors, particularly because we have such great semiprecious pieces that lend themselves so well to experimenting with color.

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