Your eyebrow shape reflects your personality. Photo: Getty

While it's often said that brows frame the face, the shape of your eyebrows can also communicate personality characteristics that other people perceive, says an expert.

"Brows say so much about who you are without even uttering a word," says DeeDee Marcelli, celebrity makeup artist to the Chella Skin Care brand.

With this in mind, Marcelli created brow stencils in the four shapes that women most gravitate toward -- and as inspired by Old Hollywood glamour icons who vaulted into the public conscience the importance of a neatly groomed brow.

You may find your own shape among this grouping, or perhaps a template that inspires you.

Get the perfect brow for your individual style with Chella Beautiful Brow Stencils. Courtesy of Chella

Sassy: "To me, this brow shape is reminiscent of Jane Russell; a brow that is thicker in front with a short tail and says, Look at me, I'm unique, not shy, a little edgy and a little outrageous!" says Marcelli. Sassy brows add a lot of personality to the face, and can be a great complement to bangs.

Alluring: "This brow draws you in. Beautifully sculpted, well proportioned and perfect in every way. This template reminds me of the Sophia Loren look -- a bit exotic and a bit mysterious," says Marcelli. The fullness of this brow would be nicely balanced by an equally sexy nude or soft pink lipcolor.

Confident: "A dramatic high arch says, I am someone to be reckoned with and am sure of myself. Don't underestimate me just because I'm beautiful. This reminds me of a Marilyn Monroe-like brow," observes Marcelli. A touch of sheer-sheen cream eye shadow right below the arch and blended outward will highlight the exposed brow bone of this shape for a glamorous look.

Timeless: "This is always in style: a thin, sculpted brow shape that flows with a graceful look. This brow will always draw you in. An example of a timeless star is Grace Kelly. The look is effortless, yet always pulled-together," says Marcelli. The long, sweeping angle of this brow provides the perfect balance to a strong lip like a classic deep red.

If drawing inspiration from one of the above looks, know that slowly coaxing your brow into a new shape takes a bit of time and patience.

We suggest using the Chella stencils as a guide not only when you fill in, but also when you tweeze. Always err on the side of fuller, because brow hairs are not always guaranteed to grow back, especially as we get older.

To fill in most naturally, opt for a powder or pencil that is one shade lighter than your hair color. Use a light hand and soft, gentle strokes for the most flattering results.

Who knew that an eyebrow could say so much? Well, those classic big-screen beauties certainly did.

And in current brow trends, it's all about bold brows in the United States, while "high definition brows" are all the rage across the pond in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, in our very own office, our intern had her brows tweezed for the very first time.