Courtesy of More

Model turned actress turned jewelry entrepreneur Molly Sims is constantly reinventing herself. The "Las Vegas" star recently launched Grayce by Molly Sims, a line of necklaces, earrings and bracelets carried at Henri Bendel and Scoop and on HSN.

"Welcome to my life, I change careers every two or three years. It's funny, because even though I'm a person who hates change, all the biggest things in my life have come with change. We all play different parts in life," Sims says in the February issue of More magazine. "We just don't always realize it. When I first got into acting, I thought, finally I'm done transitioning. But the truth is, you always want to keep growing and changing."

Sims next role might just involve settling down.

"I know I want to get married and have kids, and hopefully that'll happen," Sims tells the mag. "I just know that I've never been happier in my life than I am right now."

But for right now, Sims is happy to focus on Grayce, which came about as a happy accident when her acting career quieted down.

"My mom's been collecting for years, and she'd always go to antique sales, estate sales, yard sales. So when Hollywood's writers went on strike in 2007, I had a plan B. I really love jewelry, and I just love dressing up," Sims says.

In honor of her many hats, Sims appears in the mag in variation iterations: "The Good Wife" (watch out Juliana Margulies), "The Seductress" and "The Trophy Wife."

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