Peekaboo rainbow hair color

Peekaboo Rainbow hair color created by stylists at Barbara Forgione Salon in Tampa, Florida. Courtesy Photos

Sure, every girl knows what highlights and a touch-up are -- but when's the last time you got peekaboo rainbow or color block hair color?

And we're not talking about eccentric salons in New York or L.A. Crazy color is a home-grown trend that clients from the South to Midwest have been flaunting, too.

At the Barbara Forgione Salon in Tampa, Florida, rainbow-like highlights that gradiate from royal purple down to peacock blue are catching on like a craze.

The trick is, stylists place the highlights near the ear or towards the nape of the neck so that clients can easily conceal them for professional environments, or flaunt them for an extra dose of artistic expression.

Surprisingly enough, salon owner Forgione says it's not just the tween crowd who are asking for the peekaboo rainbow, clients from a full range of ages and careers want in on the fun.

"I've been wearing my hot pink stripe for a little over a year, and I'm 58 years old!" an otherwise South Florida-blonde Forgione tells StyleList.

"I have a very successful commercial real estate broker client, and she just loves playing with hot, new trendy ideas. She's in her 50s, too, and is wearing it," says Forgione.

"There's also a school teacher who started with a conservative piece that could be very easily hidden because she didn't know how it would work in school. She has beautiful brown-based auburn hair, and is now wearing a hot red violet-to-purple piece," adds Forgione.

If you have dark hair and want to wear the funky colors, you first need to pre-lighten the hair in order to achieve the high-shine color and finish that is popular. Lucky blondes can skip that step and go straight to color.

When it's time to change to another look, Forgione uses a Goldwell's Elumen Return hair color remover to eliminate the hue. The shades easily fall out of darker tones -- which also see color fade faster -- though can require more elbow grease to get it all out of blonde hair.

Color Block hair color

Color block hair color perfected by stylists at Studio 26 Salon and Spa in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Meanwhile, at Studio 26 Salon and Spa in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, co-owner Nikki Kennedy is adding inch-wide blocks of bold colors like yellow, red and purple to clients who are looking for a little something different.

Similiar to the peacock rainbow, pieces are usually put in right above the ear or underneath the hair so that the bolt of color can be played up or down, depending on the situation and comfort level of the client.

When adding the bold stroke in a place like above the ear, Kennedy sometimes even cuts the hair into a shorter streak or sideburn, to make disguising it all the more easier -- and whipping it out even edgier.

"I have clients with professional jobs who want it totally hidden during the day. But at night, you can untuck and pull it out for some serious fun funk. We call it 'the dirty' here," laughs Kennedy.

leopard-print hair color

Leopard-print hair color is the hot hair look at Lotus Hair Salon in Columbus, Ohio.

Wella Professionals Color Ambassador Laurie Foley, who has a career's worth of coloring the more edgy looks of her model and fashion clientele at her L'Atelier in New York, says she isn't surprised to see that what used to be considered an alternative trend is finally becoming more contemporary.

"I feel that this type of overt, yet possibly only hinted-at or 'daytime hidden' effect allows even the most classic females a way of showing off and 'okaying' what was once sported only by those few daring, avant-garde and artistic types," Foley tells StyleList.

We say rock on, ladies!

And for those who aren't afraid, you can go even more daring. Behold Nicki Minaj's crazy peacock 'do.