The unequivocal queen of television, Oprah Winfrey has one of the most inspiring legacies in recent (and some would say all of) American history.

Born to a pair of impoverished teenage parents in the South, Winfrey pushed through numerous trials and tribulations before becoming a household name through her daily talk show and, subsequently, the first African American female billionaire on the globe.

In honor of Winfrey's 57th birthday on January 29, we're looking back at her greatest style hits and misses over the past three decades.

Get ready for a barrage of voluminous taffeta skirts, unfortunate eighties ensembles, and recent waist-cinching winners.

And did you know Oprah is responsible for bringing sexy and stylish plus-sized lingerie to the masses?

Meanwhile, check out the style evolution of Winfrey's ever chic friend Michelle Obama.