Philosophy Keep the Peace Super Soothing Moisturizer

Philosophy Keep the Peace Super Soothing Moisturizer. Courtesy of Philosophy

If you're tired of doing battle with your skin, Philosophy suggests you wave the white flag.

Set to launch in March, the skincare brand's coyly named Keep the Peace collection will target the flushed red rawness of sensitive, stressed and overworked skin.

"Just using a barrier of moisture doesn't work for the skin. You need a formula that will allow the good nutrients to flow in, and the bad stuff to flow out," says Robin White, director of international education at Philosophy.

"These are products you can reach for when you feel like your skin is two sizes too small for your face," adds White.

Featuring a serum, moisturizer, mask and color-correcting tinted moisturizer, the products calm skin with ingredients like magnolia bark and date-seed extracts, Vitamins C and E, and soybean.

Lavender is used for its holistic soothing properties, as well as to provide a very light and "clean" scent to the otherwise unscented line of products.

After testing the cushion-soft formulas firsthand, our favorite standout is the instant-relief mask. Green montmorillonite clay is mixed with a megadose of glycerin for the closest thing to a spa facial mask we've experienced at home.

Philosophy Keep the Peace Super Soothing Instant Relief Mask, Serum and Protective Color Corrector SPF 20

Philosophy Keep the Peace Super Soothing Instant Relief Mask, Serum and Protective Color Corrector SPF 20. Courtesy of Philosophy

The mask doesn't harden like traditional clay masks do, but stays supple and moist to cocoon skin with phospholipids and omega-3s.

Another noteworthy product is the super-soothing serum, which contains no water. Instead, the light mix is lipid based, allowing it to penetrate the skin's natural lipid barrier more fluidly, so that skin readily accepts moisture.

While the product packaging can't specifically state it's for rosacea use, we hear the often flushed red skin of sufferers has experienced positive results.

Look for the entire collection to launch exclusively at Ulta and in March, and then branch out to other retailers like Sephora in April. Items will retail from $30 for the protective color corrector with SPF 20 to $40 for the instant-relief mask.

We say it's time to sign a peace treaty with your skin.

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