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With less than a week to go before she's due to deliver her second baby (another boy!), maternity designer Rosie Pope has been perfectly cast as the star of Bravo's upcoming "Pregnant in Heels."

Pope, 31, a former ballet dancer and model from Great Britain, will introduce viewers to the clients of her high-end maternity apparel line as well as her related "Momprep" academy and pregnancy concierge service. Her job includes planning over-the-top baby showers, offering tips on scoring the best nannies and helping one client negotiate the wearing of a designer gown for her hospital delivery.

Who knew you could refuse the unflattering hospital smock?

Pope spoke with StyleList about the expanding crop of pregnant celebrities and their winning (and losing!) red carpet styles in anticipation of the Jan. 30 Screen Actors Guild awards and the Feb. 27 Oscars.

StyleList: We got our first red carpet glimpse of this abundant crop of celebrity baby bumps when Natalie Portman and Jane Krakowski attended the Golden Globes. Did they get their red carpet looks right?
Rosie Pope
: I think Jane Krakowski was amazing. She did a great job of wearing her dress to show off her bump and she showed some leg with that high slit which is such a great thing to do when your pregnant. As for Natalie Portman (in Viktor & Rolf) she's beautiful and petite, but she got lost in her dress. I would have liked to see her in something shorter, flirtier and maybe, a little tighter.

StyleList: So how would you style them?
RP: This may seem a little unconventional for the red carpet, but I think they shouldn't be afraid to go short. I'd like to see Natalie in a nice, tight A-line dress, maybe even with long sleeves and sequins. I'm thinking of a very Audrey Hepburn ingenue kind of look. That long Grecian type gown she wore can go kind of muumuu-ish and I'm afraid I wasn't such a big fan of the flower.

StyleList: How about Kate Hudson?
I have a dress in my collection called the Oscar dress, it's a long gold, v-neck dress, very tight on the body and it would look amazing on her with her hair and figure.

RP: StyleList: Is there a celebrity who's surprised you with her pregnancy style?
: Jewel! She just came out in this dramatic black and navy v-neck dress with a bow detail and completely pulled it off. Normally, I hate bows, they are such an awful, tragic maternity cliché. If you had described that dress to me I would vomit, but she is the first pregnant woman I've seen with a bow on who did not look ridiculous.

StyleList: What's the biggest fashion mistake pregnant women make?
: Buying clothes that are too big and not trying a tight look. They sometimes just go to a normal apparel store and buy something huge. And it looks like they're just wearing a smock. This is the first time in your life you get a free pass to have your stomach hang out. I say let it show and embrace it.

StyleList: What's the most awful thing you wore during your pregnancies?
: A Chloé dress that had French ivory and blue horizontal stripes. What was I thinking? And somehow, I thought I looked really cute.

StyleList: Will we see a lot of maternity beauty and fashion on your new Bravo show?
The show's about me and 16 of my most dramatic and outlandish clients. I tend to work with very affluent successful women who are having their first child a little later in life. They come to me with help for everything from over-the-top baby showers to what to wear in the delivery room.

StyleList: Are you saying they pick outfits for the actual delivery?
I had a client give birth in (one of my) gowns and Christian Louboutin heels. We had to have the gown approved by a New York City hospital for sterility. As you imagine, it was not easy!

StyleList: So, you're about to give birth. Are you still wearing high heels?
When you're pregnant you have to wear amazing shoes unless it's dangerous. I generally wear four-inch heels. But today, I'm hailing a cab in New York and it's snowing. I'm happy to share I'm wearing very practical Wellington boots.

Pope was also happy to share details of a new addtion to her maternity line;a sleek "diaper" clutch with chain detail that has room for four diapers, a bottle, Blackberry and lip gloss. "A mom doesn't always want to be carrying a maternity sack around."

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