Start with neutrals and add bold brights a la Marc Jacobs. (Frizzy hair optional.) Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Bright colors are prominent this spring, and it is easy to add some flashy hues to your wardrobe. Here's how:

Choose your hue: While all-over brights may not be your bag, you don't have to glow from head to toe. Try enhancing your neutral ready-to-wear outfit by stitching up a brightly colored top or blouse. If you know what brights look good on you, go ahead and wing it. Otherwise, pick up a little color theory to find the right combo.

Go for the gusto: Try creating a bright dress or skirt that you can warm up with tights and boots while it's cold outside and then transition to spring. Use designers like Prada and Marc Jacobs as your inspiration, and seek out patterns that reflect your style while also enhancing your figure.

Just accessorize: For the less intrepid who still want a dash of color, turn to a quick accessory you can make, like a silk scarf, sash belt, or purse. Because these projects require less fabric, usually you will find enough scrap fabric in your stash to whip one of these babies up on an impulse.

Out of the closet: You don't have to sew a whole garment to brighten up your wardrobe. Try adding a colorful grosgrain ribbon around the edge of a jacket to perk it up. You will need to measure the perimeter of the jacket, starting at the center back of the collar and following the edge around the lapel, down the front and along the bottom. Add a few inches for overlap. Use a 3/4-inch or 1-inch ribbon and double it over the edge. Pin, baste and secure with an invisible slipstitch. Don't forget to miter the corners to eliminate bulk.

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