"Bridalplasty" winner Allyson Donovan with her husband, John. Photo: Courtesy E!

Allyson Donovan, the 32-year-old victor of the E! network's controversial series "Bridalplasty," may be the only winner of a reality-television competition to celebrate by getting cut.

Yet Donovan, an unemployed graphic designer and mother of 3-year-old Mason, did exactly that, having plastic surgery on her arms, chin, jowls and flanks (she calls them "woman handles") and a breast lift before walking down the aisle to greet longtime love John for a dream wedding paid for by the production.

For Donovan, who beat nine competitors -- including conniving runner-up Janessa Wainwright -- her post-surgical suffering was nothing compared with the celebrity-style wedding the show bankrolled. She was also treated to a total smile makeover. "It was well worth it!" she tells us.

For her big day, Donovan married at a stunning California coastal estate, outfitted in a Avant Mariée Katarina by Winnie Couture strapless gown, Chinese Laundry stilettos and custom wedding bands by Jason of Beverly Hills. Her face was heavily veiled until she reached the altar for her big reveal.

StyleList checked in with the Crestwood, Ill., native, who suffers from type 1 (or juvenile) diabetes, about her big day and new look.

Here's some of our chat:

StyleList: Your husband, John, loved you enough to propose. Why did you feel you had to change?
Allyson Donovan:
When I first met John, I was in the best shape of my life. I was finally down to a size 6 and happier than ever. I had pretty much been overweight my entire life and finally lost all my weight. Together, we had our miracle son, Mason, but with that came the dreaded postpregnancy flubber-blubber belly and weight gain. So now I had the insecurities of my body along with the insecurities of my teeth. I think it stems back to my childhood and being overweight.

StyleList: So why compete?
I just wanted what a lot of women that are in their 30s that have had children want: to lose the baby weight, get rid of the belly pouch, erase wrinkles and have boobs that don't sag down to your belly button. And I was given the chance to compete for it for free. Come on! Does anyone know how much veneers cost?

StyleList: Which procedure was most worth it?
: My new smile, which was the most difficult. I had to make numerous trips to Dr. (Sherri) Worth to get a mouthful of veneers, bad molars pulled, old crowns replaced, old bonding removed and implants. John loves when I smile and now when I smile, it literally lights up the room. Another is my breast lift. I had always been insecure about my breasts. I just wanted them to look like breasts and not pancakes that I could roll up in my bra. I had the right size. I just needed the right shape.

StyleList: You had more than a dozen surgical procedures on your competition wish list, but decided not to have all of them. Why did you change your mind?
Realistically, I am a type 1 diabetic, so having all those surgeries would be a big risk to take. So I decided to try and lose weight with the help of a personal trainer, countless hours in the gym, boot camps and weight-loss meal plans. The producers of "Bridalplasty" and E! were more than supportive of my decision and replaced half my wish list with all the options I needed for healthy weight loss. I decided I no longer needed skin resurfacing or a brow lift because the amazing Revaléskin facial products we received on the show worked wonders!

"Bridalplasty" winner Allyson Donovan. Photo: Courtesy E!

StyleList: Were you nervous seeing your fiancé and family at the altar after living in seclusion for months while you had your makeover?
Nervous? I was nervous about not falling on my rear end walking down the aisle blind in those 2-foot stiletto heels I decided to wear. I was anxious for my fiancé to see that I did not get all this crazy facial plastic surgery, even though I assured him that was not what I wanted, but he was nervous having read things on the Internet... To my surprise, he had lost a ton of weight and did a transformation himself. I remember hearing cheers and clapping, but I was in shock seeing him; he looked so clean, healthy and fit. I'm surprised I did not faint.

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