The world is filled with talented artists, entertainers, writers, designers and speakers. The list goes on and on.

And then there are those who are talented at growing their fingernails.

Like Jazz Ison Sinkfield, a grandmother from Atlanta, Georgia, who told news station WTSP that her nails, the longest of which reaches 24 inches, are "a gift and a talent, too, because it's something that everyone cannot do."

In an effort to meet Oprah Winfrey "and a lot of more celebrities," she's been letting her nails grow wild for the past 22 years.

For basic maintenance, she spends at least five hours and $250 at the salon each month and her extremely long nails limit her from performing daily tasks, like tying her shoes, typing on the computer, and taking off her jewelry. And they even appear to make a simple handshake a tedious feat.

Sinkfield considers her life's work to be "a fashion statement" and, although we agree that they make a statement, we're not sure just how fashionable those curling, terrifying talons may be.

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