Now that Academy Awards season has arrived in earnest, actresses have a very important decision to make regarding how to display themselves on the red carpet: cleavage or no cleavage?

That singular choice can set the tone for the entire night's festivities. Are you sultry and sexy or modest and conservative. It changes how you walk, talk, interview and even stand on stage.

Cleavage has been a major accessory so far this awards season. We've sorted through the red-carpet film for the past few months and with a team of style experts selected the cleavage that Academy Awards guests should aspire to on the big night.

Amy Adams: Adams demonstrated that a plunging neckline can be done with a touch of class in the black Andrew Gn number she wore at the Producer's Guild Awards.

To get this look, celebrity stylist June Ambrose recommends the Fashion Form bra, which is designed for deep-neckline dresses and wired to push the breasts inward.

"They give the breast a teenage appearance! Firm and at attention!" Ambrose tells StyleList

January Jones: It's as if January wanted to rip every inch of Betty Draper's pinafores from her body when she waltzed the Golden Globes red carpet in her cutout Versace dress with perfectly pert cleavage that defied gravity of its own volition.

"That red dress that she wore to the Golden Globes was not an easy dress to pull off. If her boobs had had even a centimeter's worth of sag, that dress would have looked horrible on her. But they were perky and just the right size to keep everything in place," says The Gloss Editor-in-Chief Lilit Marcus. This look isn't for the faint of heart, or those not willing to take full advantage of an entire roll of double-sided tape.

Sofia Vergara: While most eyes were on January Jones' red Globes dress, "Modern Family" mama Vergara was hard to miss on the carpet and she knew it.

"She embraces her curves and flaunts them without overexposing. And she's got a sense of humor about her hot bod too," says Fashionista Senior Editor Leah Chernikoff.

After losing at the awards, Vergara tweeted, "I don't care!!! I already have my Golden Globes!!!!!!!!hahhahha." Yes you do, Sofia. The actress let the kids out to play again at the SAG awards, this time in a sapphire blue Robert Cavalli with a plunging neckline.

If you haven't been blessed with Vergara's ample assets, there are a few ways to fake it. Ambrose suggests placing a strapless bra beneath your regular bra to give the image of a bigger breast with an increased bust.

Halle Berry: At age 44, Berry's breasts appear as pert as they did 20 years ago. Sometimes Berry overdoes it in this department, but she showed just the right amount of cleavage at the Golden Globes, which Ambrose says could have been helped along with the right amount of shading down Berry's breast bone.

"Brushing bronze between your breasts contours the area and pops the muscles!" Ambrose tells us.

Eva Longoria: The "Desperate Housewife" let her cleavage be her sole accessory on Golden Globes night. She didn't bling out and she modestly covered her shoulders, letting her girls do all the work. "The sexiness is offset by the covered shoulders. She her girlfriends are smushed together, but not so much that she has back-to-back parabolas," says Beauty Blitz Editor-in-Chief Polly Blitzer. She adds that Longoria appears to defy gravity because of a simple stylist DIY trick you can pull off at home. "If your bra has pads, cut them out and place them on the outer sides of each boob, rather than below your boobs, so you wind up pushing them in towards each other rather than up and into everyone's face," Blitzer says.

Longoria kept it simple and stunning on the SAG red carpet where a Grecian-inspired George Hobeika gown opened in a V nearly to her belly.

Christina Hendricks: It is hard for Hendricks to not have cleavage (although she managed to contain her curves at the Golden Globes). After the Emmy Awards, Hendricks admitted it has been hard for her to find designers to lend her a dress for her size 14 curves. She finally settled on a lavender Zac Posen gown and let those curves be fair warning to all those designers slow to make her a gown. Many women with bigger busts opt to cover them up. Hendricks rarely does. But to make bigger breasts look classy and not overwhelming, "anyone with a C-bra or larger needs to be very cautious. Nobody wants to see your cups runneth over," Blitzer says.