Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and her sexy legs step into her latest role as global ambassador for Gillette Venus. Photo: Kevin Mazur for WireImage

With gorgeous gams like Jennifer Lopez, it's only natural that she would partner with Gillette Venus as the first-ever global ambassador for the female-shaving brand.

"It's something sexy about shaving your legs," Lopez told StyleList at a press conference at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. "The Venus Gillette products -- even the Satin Care -- comes out so smooth and beautiful. It's very ritualistic. That's one of the parts of the commercial that we did that I really love. They added it at the last minute. I said, 'You have to get me shaving my legs with the towel on my head.'"

As a singer, actress, designer, philanthropist and "American Idol" judge, the 41-year-old star is constantly in the spotlight. So stepping out with unshaven legs is not up for consideration -- a beauty do Lopez learned at an early age.

"It was summertime and we had to wear shorts," she recalls of her earliest shaving memory, "and all of a sudden I started to have hair on my legs. I was afraid to use a razor because my dad had one of those ones with the actual razor blade that you had to take out. I'm like, thank God for Venus. It's so much better!" She laughs.

Dressed in a sheer blush blouse and sequin metallic mini by Haute Hippie, Azaara and H. Stern jewels, and nude Christian Louboutin platform heels, Lopez had not a hair in sight, StyleList can confirm. She reveals: "As soon as a little bit of hair comes out, I'm right there with the razor. I'm not one of those people that lets it go. I know sometimes in the winter people like to do that, but I live in L.A. and you have to show off your legs all the time."

And the "Fresh Out of the Oven" singer didn't stop there with spilling her beauty secrets. She also dished to StyleList on the three must-have beauty products: "Sunscreen. A moisturizing sunscreen, which I believe is from SkinCeuticals. Lip gloss. A spray mist -- something with water because with wearing so much makeup, it's good to get a little bit of moisture."

On a mission to empower and bring out the "inner goddess" in all women, Lopez is lending her legs and voice to the Venus Goddess Fund for Education -- a charitable institution that provides global educational opportunities for women through its partnership with organizations including CARE International, the Step Up Women's Network and Lopez's Maribel Foundation.

"It's very exciting and a very beautiful message," said Lopez. "And I'm glad to be the one that puts it out there."

Head over to and to listen to Lopez's rendition of the Venus song, read her goddess story and share your own moment. For every story shared, $1 will be donated to the Venus Goddess Fund for Education to enable women and girls around the world to have a better chance at success.

Watch Jennifer Lopez get her goddess on in the Gillette Venus commercial below!