Kate Walsh

Actress Kate Walsh unveils her Boyfriend fragrance collection. Photo: Rob Kim/FilmMagic

"It's so sexy and romantic," Kate Walsh told StyleList exclusively about her Boyfriend fragrance collection at Sephora SoHo in New York on Wednesday.

The masculine and feminine scent was created after the demise of a relationship. "A long time ago, my boyfriend and I had broken up and I missed him, I miss that scent, I miss that feeling."

Walsh continued, "What I think I really miss is trying to encapsulate that worn-in, kind of, little bit of boyfriend smell on your shirt or on his shirt." The "Private Practice" star realized she didn't need a man to satisfy her olfactory yearnings: "I was like, oh F it! I don't have to have a boyfriend to have that boyfriend fragrance. I was like, ding-ding, boyfriend! What a great idea for a fragrance!"

Walsh told StyleList about working on the package design and branding imagery. "Isn't the bottle cool? Part of what I wanted to give women was a stylish, beautiful piece. As a little girl, I remember looking at perfume bottles as they're like little pieces of jewelry. I love the classic Chanel shape so I wanted to keep it classic but kind of modern still."

Male monikers including Sebastian, Michael and Kevin decorate the products. "I love the idea of the names on the back, being able to have all the names written down. And so we came up with that and put that on the back so we could see it. It's translucent, and you can see that shadow of all the names."

The 43-year-old also described the reptilian touch on the bottle. "We wanted a collar and I wanted that whole look of luxe but accessible and affordable. So we did a faux croc skin around."

The collection includes a $95 Boyfriend Kit, sold exclusively at Sephora. Walsh told StyleList, "I had this whole idea of a train case, a vintage train case. Glamour, old-school Hollywood. I love the romance of opening up a train case. Like a treasure box and inside this treasure box, you get these five items. Mini EDP (eau de parfum), a mini pulse-point oil, a little candle, a little body cream and a dry body oil spray, which I love. I wanted to make it affordable, portable, accessible but super chic."

Walsh continued, "You got that boyfriend feeling wherever you go. What did it for me was my bag is a mobile office. So I always have a body cream in there. I have an oil. I've got this, I've got that. So I was like, what if we put in a cute little case? I wanted the case to be not just a promotional kit. You can reuse it. We designed it and this was exclusive to Sephora. It's very kind of kitsch. It's got all the colors. It's really bright with a Lucite handle. When you take the platform out, with all the product, there's a mirror inside, with all the boyfriend names repeated, you could use it as a bag."

The actress clad in a Ferragamo dress, Jimmy Choo heels and Anita Ko jewelry pointed out additional benefits: "All the fragrances, it's all the same boyfriend fragrance, but they layer together and they're all slightly different. For instance, the body cream is a little more gourmand, it's a little more coconut in it, you'll feel it. The pulse-point oil is slightly different than the EDP. It's all the same base notes but they're just a little bit different in substance. They layer together beautifully or wear individually."

The best part of wearing the blend of woods and florals in Boyfriend? Walsh told StyleList, "It just makes you feel good. It's the same thing about how you feel when you're wearing his shirt or jeans. You feel safe and protected."