Finesse's new Clean + Simple line is making waves for what's not on the ingredient list. Courtesy photo

With nearly 60 percent of women reporting sensitive-skin issues, more and more consumers are searching for products that are free of irritants.

And now Finesse is adding another option to the marketplace with the launch of the first hypoallergenic drugstore hair care line.

While those plagued by red, raw and irritated skin usually know to stay away from sulfates, dyes and fragrance in their facial skin care, soap and laundry detergent, hair care is often not a target.

Yet, the products you shampoo and condition with are often a silent suspect of skin reactions and breakouts. The act of lathering and rinsing involves the product running over much of the skin's surface, just as a cleanser would.

Finesse attempts to address the concern with the new Clean + Simple line, which excludes the popular, highly irritating foaming agent sulfate, as well as parabens and dyes. Conditioning glutens are also left out, as those with gluten intolerance or those prone to itchy rashes can react fiercely.

Instead, a gentle cleansing agent sudses the scalp, and a light, certified hypoallergenic fragrance leaves locks with a fresh scent. The hairspray uses a resin that holds, but is low in alcohol content.

"Until now, people with sensitive skin or allergies had to settle for expensive specialty or salon products to meet their needs," says Rand Sloan, president of parent company Lornamead.

"Now they have a good, affordable option for the whole family available where they usually shop for shampoo," adds Sloan.

Sold at drugstores nationwide, the line includes shampoos and conditioners for normal and dry/color-treated hair, as well as a flexible hold non-aerosol hairspray. All items retail for $3.99 each.

Now that's a price we can afford to stock up on.

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