GeoGirl Beauty Line

The new GeoGirl beauty line targets tween girls with sheer, nature-infused formulas. Courtesy photo

Most of us remember our first forays into makeup -- the black eyes that looked more painful than smoky, the dollops of pink blush, the bleeding red lipstick.

But a new brand is looking to fill that gap between Disney princess play makeup and the "real stuff," with a line of sheer and nature-based beauty that encompasses the eco-friendly and always-connected age of today's Generation Z tween.

GeoGirl is a full line of makeup, skincare and body care that will launch in select Walmart stores this March, and which takes its packaging inspiration from the art of texting that every tween has mastered.

With names like URA* (You Are A Star) Face Shimmer, FYEO (For Yours Eyes Only) Feather Lash Mascara, and KOC (Kiss On Cheeks) Cream Blush, all products feature eco-chic packaging made of materials like renewable corn and recyclable paper.

All products are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and petrolatum, and use no animal ingredients save for cruelty-free honey, lanolin and beeswax.

A portion of all sale proceeds will go to the brand's foundation, GG-Gives, which will donate funds to girl-empowering causes.

After all, Generation Z has grown up with the green movement, and highly values planet-friendly products, recyclable packaging, natural ingredients and charitable giving.

"Ten years ago, we were wondering how to empower girls. But these girls today are already empowered," says Joel Carden, Executive Vice President of parent company Pacific World Corporation.

"A full 95 percent of these girls believe they can really make a difference in the world. They've been raised to be sustainable. They're encouraging their own parents to be green. And they have different expectations for the products they buy," Carden tells StyleList.

Most items will retail below $5 each, and come with tips from other girls on how to best apply the products.

We met one such girl at the New York launch event, where Westchester sixth grader Corinne Fay shared her favorite thing about the brand for which she has become a representative.

"I like that the lipsticks don't have that yucky smell my mom's lipsticks have. They just feel like lip balm," said Fay.

Yet, the brand wants to make it clear they aren't pushing for girls to start wearing makeup at any specific age.

"It's a parent-daughter decision for what age is appropriate to begin wearing makeup. We're simply providing good quality products for that stage of development," says Carden.

While shades may appear cheerfully bright at first glance, testing them out revealed super sheer formulas that required virtually no blending to look natural.

The line doesn't contain black eyeliner or mascara, nor are the lip shades deep or full coverage. Everything -- from the TISC (This Is So Cool) Bodymist to the VBS (Very Big Smile) LipGloss was as airy and light as a soufflé.

We only have one question: where was this stuff when we were clown-deep in Mom's red lipstick?

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