Francois Nars

François Nars. Photo: Getty Images for OW! Onorato Wix

The makeup mother ship has arrived in New York.

The Nars flagship store -- located at 413 Bleecker Street in the West Village, next door to Marc Jacobs and a stone's throw from Magnolia's tasty cupcakes -- will open next Wednesday.

Trust us, there is plenty in there to whet the beauty fiend's appetite.

The 600-square-foot space, designed by François Nars and Fabien Baron, bears the makeup artist's signature everywhere (and considering this is the guy who used both Daphne Guinness and his French bulldog, Marcel, to front campaigns, what he loves, we love).

The space boasts a custom tester unit alongside one wall, which features all of the colors in the Nars line, as well as domestic touches like a white fireplace mantel with a built-in bookshelf, featuring DVDs of Nars' favorite things, from Catherine Deneuve's "Belle de Jour" to the novel "All About Eve," reports WWD.

Of course, other than giving us some insight into Nars' top literary and film picks, this shop is all about the makeup, especially exciting products exclusive to the Bleecker Street boutique. You can snag a new lipstick shade called 413 Bleecker (retailing for $25) at the store next week, as well as a bento box set of highly pigmented lipstick hand-poured into two Kabuki cups (only 100 of these, which will retail for $125 and come in a handmade box with a lip brush, will be available).

What we're most looking forward to, though, are Nars' plans to collaborate with longtime friend and store next-door neighbor, Jacobs (who posed in red lips and fingernails for Nars' 15x15 book). Nars has been working with the designer since Jacobs' days at Perry Ellis and will be doing the makeup for his upcoming February 14th show during New York Fashion Week.

Jacobs and Nars will team up on exclusive items for the new shop -- WWD reports that Nars is thinking about fingerless Marc Jacobs gloves to match Nars nail polish colors.

Say it'll be so!

This store is the first of about 10 set to debut in the next five years, with planned cities including London, Paris, Shanghai and L.A. Nars is also working on a landscape and photo book on Tahiti (he owns an island in Bora Bora), which is tentatively launching Spring 2012, and future plans also include a Nars fragrance, as well as relaunching skin care next year. Not bad for a guy who started his line with 12 lipsticks at Barneys in 1994.

Referring to the blush that made him legendary, with its unforgettable moniker -- Orgasm -- Nars tells WWD: "Sex sells, no matter what. I don't ask myself too many questions about whether something is too shocking. We've been copied a lot, so I guess it worked. And who doesn't want to have an orgasm? It's a beautiful thing."
So is looking your best. "I feel that makeup is also such an incredible, sexy accessory," Nars tells WWD. "You know, women put on makeup to flirt and to really attract men."

Although with his makeup, sometimes us girls just want to have fun.

Speaking of Nars, check out the brand's new velvet lip gloss pencils.