Courtesy of Pampers

It is ironic that now that Bethenny Frankel has finally become a real housewife, with husband and child to boot, she's completely turned her back on "The Real Housewives of New York."

This professional reality personality (she's an alum of "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart," "The Real Housewives of New York," "Bethenny Getting Married" and "Skating With the Stars") has a new show later this month, "Bethenny Ever After," which not surprisingly, follows her every move.

Frankel took a few minutes away from a moms' spa day sponsored by Pampers, the only product she's endorsing these days (her daughter Bryn is 9 months old and knee-deep in the diaper phase) to speak with StyleList.

StyleList: What's the new show focused on?
Bethenny Frankel: It's in-laws, it's religion, I turn 40 and have a sort-of nervous breakdown wishing the cameras weren't there because it was too much for me to handle. And the bus tour.

StyleList: What's the bus tour?
B.F.: I talk to 1,500 to 1,800 women in a theater. It's a combination of laughter, gossip, stand-up and talking about the principles of my book. I talk for two and a half hours a night.

StyleList: And then travel on a bus?
B.F.: Yeah, a big tour bus that says SkinnyGirl on the side. Jason, the baby, the dog, Julie and myself -- we're on the bus. There's a living area. Everyone could sleep. It sleeps 12 people in their own little cubbyholes -- we call then the coffins. They're like little bunk beds, but they're very dark. It's cozy. You can watch movies. I like it.

StyleList: What has being a mommy taught you?
B.F.: I didn't realize it's much more difficult than any of my other jobs. I don't know how a mom can pee, change a baby in a stall, in an airplane and zip up their jeans and button them. You can't leave a baby on the counter and then button up your jeans. You have to hold the baby or you have to wear leggings. I had a random stranger in a bathroom say, "Oh my God, Bethenny, I love your show." I said, "That's great, can you hold my baby? I have to button my jeans."

StyleList: Are you going to have more kids?
B.F.: I think we will. I kinda know we will. I'm 40, so we don't have all the time in the world. So we have to get on it soon.

StyleList: Any practical tips?
B.F.: Baby wipes. I use the wipes for my eye makeup remover, for the baby's bottom, for the counters. It takes all the makeup off the face so you don't ruin a towel and then wash the face. It's the best beauty trick. All other baby wipes burn if you use them on your eyes; Pampers Sensitive doesn't burn. I always used to ruin towels.

Courtesy of Pampers

StyleList: You seem to always have it together style-wise. Are you dressing with a uniform in mind?
B.F.: On a traveling day, it is always a tank top or a long-sleeve shirt and what I call a "mudge" -- which is one of those big wrappy cardigans -- leggings and either boots or flats, depending on the season. And sometimes, if the jeans are loose enough, I'll make those be the leggings.

For daytime talk shows, I'll wear something I don't have to accessorize, like a nice dress, usually a sheath, and a nice shoe. It's always the same. I don't know why I like a sleeveless dress. I like everything to be loose and free. And red -- I always wear something red. (She was wearing red pumps and a black sleeveless sheath with white petals around the neck while speaking with us). I wear a red dress when I'm on tour or I wear a piece of red while I can. I like red -- it's a power color.

This season, I've had this thing where I'll do jeans, boots, a tank and a cool blazer, like a Chanel-looking blazer or a leather blazer. That's my new thing. You can wear the same uniform, but the blazer changes the whole thing. I don't have any time for scarves -- I'm not that stylish.

StyleList: What about your hair?
B.F.: I don't wash my hair every day. And when I do wash it or have it washed, I don't use product because that makes you have to wash it. I go from my hair down to maybe a headband to a ponytail and a hat.

I swear by the In Styler, this product that Robert Verdi gave me -- it's a rotating curling iron with a brush attachment so it's brushing and smoothing it out at the same time. I also like cheap hot-rollers from Target or Kmart. Do it yourself -- just get it dry and do the rollers.

StyleList: Was there a final straw that made you turn your back on the "Real Housewives" series?
B.F.: I'm kinda tired of women being rewarded for bad behavior. And I don't want to be part of it. I'm not saying I don't understand why it's entertaining. Are they encouraged to not behave? No. Truthfully, they do cast interesting characters, but I really think you could take any five women from any mall in America and there'd be issues. Under a microscope, women are different animals than men.

StyleList: Do you keep in touch with any of your "friends"?
B.F.: Alex and Ramona were at my birthday.