Photography by Sebastian Faena, Courtesy of VMAN

Chord Overstreet
is the new kid on the block at "Glee." But he is not, as you may think by looking at him, the lovechild of Macaulay Culkin and Lisa Rinna.

The 21-year-old plays Sam Evans, a football player turned Gleek who quickly won the heart of the head cheerleader.

In real life, Overstreet seems just as charming. He reveals in the March issue of VMan magazine that his much doted-over lips are entirely natural, that he was home-schooled by his mother on a farm outside of Nashville, Tenn., and that he would love to meet Sandra Bullock -- but not date her.

"I couldn't date someone older. Sandra Bullock is gorgeous, but I think I'm a little immature to date an older woman. I need some time to kind of let things settle," Overstreet tells Brian Moylan in the mag.

But he isn't dating Rumer Willis either, as many a gossip tab has purported.

"The thing is I have tons of friends I hang out with and if you get your picture taken with anyone, all of a sudden you're dating," Overstreet says.

Photography by Sebastian Faena, Courtesy of VMAN

Single right now (and often followed by crowds of giggling girls), Overstreet told the mag what he is looking for in a girlfriend.

"A girl who's funny, sweet, likes to laugh, and is a good girl. She needs to have somewhat of a taste for country music. And she has to be from the South. She doesn't have to be, but there's nothing like Southern food," he admits.

So apparently, he wants a lady who knows how to whip him up some chicken-fried steak. We're sure there are plenty of giggly "Glee" fans out there willing to try.

Photography by Sebastian Faena, Courtesy of VMAN