Enhance your gray hair with Aquanet's Silver Beauty hair care line. Photo: Getty

As part of its new product line for gray hair, AquaNet is encouraging women to "celebrate, not cover, your hair's natural beauty."

According to a national survey by parent company Lornamead, over 85 percent of women 35 or older reported having some silvery strands, which could translate to over 50 million people across the United States. What's more, a quarter of those women described their heads as being filled with lots (25 percent or more of their hair) of gray.

To combat the downsides of gray hair -- namely dry, wiry or dull texture -- the Silver Beauty daily hair-care line is specifically designed to address the needs of aging tresses.

According to the London-based company, the formulas have a blend of hydrators to improve manageability, tame flyaway grays and restore moisture to the entire head of hair. A mix of subtle color enhancers also tone down any yellowness, turning partial grays into more natural-looking highlights.

"AquaNet Hairsprays have long been the first choice of women to tame unruly hair and set styles," said Randy Sloan, president of Lornamead. "Now, the brand that women have relied on for generations has a solution for the unmet need of restoring softness and manageability to graying hair."

Included in the Silver Beauty line are the AquaNet Silver Beauty Shampoo for Graying Hair and the Conditioner for Graying Hair. The 13-ounce products retail for $2.99 and are available at major supermarkets and drugstores.

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