Photos courtesy of H&M.

Though "green" is the catchword for eco-friendly, white is the color at H&M.

The fast-fashion retailer is launching a new planet-kind line called the Conscious Collection made completely of sustainable materials -- and entirely in white, cream and shades of blush (i.e., hardly a color at all).

Organic cotton and linen, recycled polyester from soda bottles or textile waste, and even the renewable fabric Tencel make up this collection, which abounds with long, flowing dresses. Tunics, tiered dresses of the baby-doll variety, a great sheath accented with broderie Anglaise, flowing maxidresses and skirts fill this group, nothing of which costs more than $50.

"It's not just about organic cotton any more, the possibilities for creating a complete fashion statement with eco-smarter materials are huge now," Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M's head of design said in a release. "Shades of white are the season's biggest fashion trend."

This collection, which hits stores for men, women and children on April 14, is an update of last spring's Garden Collection, also made of sustainable materials. In the future, the Conscious Collection will return at different times throughout the year.

Photo courtesy of H&M.

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