Richard Chai Fall 2011

Loose hair and silver eye makeup at Richard Chai Fall 2011 fashion show. Jemal Countess, Getty Images for IMG

MAKEUP: James Kaliardos for MAC Cosmetics
HAIR: Kevin Ryan for TIGI
SNAPSHOT: The Cool Girls

THE SCOOP: Backstage at Richard Chai's Fall 2011 fashion show, the cool and understated design vibe dictated the beauty teams' effortless hair and makeup looks.

TIGI stylist Kevin Ryan perfected easygoing strands by enhancing the models' natural texture. Locks fell loosely in their own way, but the pro unified the looks with a middle part. Keeping strands nice and flat in the front, Ryan juxtaposed the roots and the ends with a dry shampoo.

"This is a cool girl who didn't try too hard," Ryan told StyleList. "It's a subtle hairdo. Those of us in the back know that we did something, but those out front won't realize. It doesn't have to show off."

James Kaliardos, MAC Cosmetics senior artist, wanted the girls to look like art-school characters, so it was very important that he maintain their individuality. Faces were kept fresh and light with sheer, neutral cream colors, while eyes shined in a brassy, silver shadow coined Seaside.

Richard Chai Fall 2011

Hair at Richard Chai Fall 2011 fashion show. Courtesy of TIGI

GET THE LOOK: MAKEUP: All makeup by MAC Cosmetics. Even out complexion with Face and Body Foundation and apply concealer in the center of the face, brushing to the outer edges. Curl lashes and skip the mascara. Paint on a creamy, silver eye shadow around the eye in a slightly almond shape. Dab on Electra eye shadow in the center and blend out toward the contour. Pencil in the waterline. Apply Accentuate Sculpting Cream on high cheekbone and complete look with Dim Lip Erase.

GET THE LOOK: HAIR: All hair products by TIGI. Blow-dry hair using hands to create a dry, unpolished texture. Part hair in the middle and apply Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost to create volume at the crown. Spray the entire head focusing on the ends using Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. For straighter locks, use a curling iron like the Nalu Waver by Rsession to create natural-looking waves. Set the style with Catwalk Sleek Mystique Look Lock hairspray.