J.T. White, PatrickMcMullan.com

"Jersey Shore" personality Jwoww (or Jenni Farley to her mom) closed designer Richie Rich's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2011 collection on Thursday in a sparkling, sheer dress.

She appeared with the very visible support of a pair of black panties, of a sturdiness that brought to mind Randy Orton of the WWE, but without the structural reinforcement of a brassiere.

Her highly, er, animated strut down the runway recalled a line by the late great talk-show host Jack Paar, who once introduced a guest by saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, here they are -- Jayne Mansfield."

Critics were divided on the dress. (We're going to go with what the StyleList photo editor said, which is: "Holy craperoni!")

Rich, a veteran of the New York club-kid scene, formerly designed the label Heatherette with partner Traver Rains. Over the years, he has reliably turned out the most entertaining shows of Fashion Week, with celebrity models who have included Pamela Anderson, Ellen DeGeneres and Johnny Weir.

It is true that you would have to be an alcoholic transvestite hooker being chased by police down the West Side Highway on her way to a date with Charlie Sheen to consider wearing one of his looks, but hey, that's fashion!

J.T. White, PatrickMcMullan.com

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