Lord knows, we love us some big, aggressive shoes. High heels, platforms, over-the-knee boots -- bring it on. But sometimes there can be too much of a good thing.

As was the case at Christian Siriano's otherwise fabulous show Thursday for Fashion Week. Several models tripped on their big, platform stillettos, one fell and one had to finish the show halfway unshod.

And these are women who walk for a living!


Siriano usually does some version of the shoes he shows at Fashion Week for his line at Payless. We beg you, C.S.: Don't make us mere mortals suffer this much for beauty. Even if a woman is wearing a dress as lovely as your chiffon, three-D floral numbers, the look falls apart when she walks ungracefully or she trips.

So keep the cool metalwork and the lovely colors. Keep the concept. Lose some height. Just a wee bit will do.

StyleList readers: What do you say? What's the highest heel you'll wear? Have any tumble stories you care to share?

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