Photos: Stefan Gosatti, Getty Images

DESIGNER: Alexander Wang

INSPIRATION: Cool girls (a recurring theme, see Costello Tagliapietra and Peter Som) who wear louche, loose clothing

TOP LOOKS: Gray wool vest coat with neon highlights; long blush-color dress with streaming ribbons and furry top; sparkling pink stovepipe pants worn with black fur blazer

ACCESSORIES: Metallic stilettos, mink accents

WHO WAS THERE: Kayne West, Alicia Keys

WHAT WE THOUGHT: One has to hand it to Alexander Wang: He never falters in his vision. The boy wonder has deftly crafted his own brand of cool, which is so popular that later this week in New York, he opens a 4,500-square-foot flagship. With so much retail space to fill, fortunately Wang has lived up to the hype with this collection.

Though quite young, Wang, 26, used materials like a seasoned pro. Knits and blazers were padded to look like scuba gear, ponchos evolved from angora at the neck to silk at the bottom, and mink appeared on blazers and sunglass straps (!) courtesy of Saga Furs.

Wang worked a mostly monotone palette -- save for the glittery blue and pink stovepipe jeans -- and included lots of innovative tuxedo-inspired attire. The all-blush looks were sweet but not saccharine. An angora sweater was slashed up the side, and long silk skirts and dresses resembled shredded ribbon.

Accessories were equally attitudinal, with metallic stilettos with attached heel flaps and occasionally more of that mink at the toes and ankles.

Overall, Wang should have plenty of foot traffic at his new locale.

If you missed Wang's runway show check out our partner's uncut version below: