Makeup hair Erin Fetherston Fall 2011

Beauty at Erin Fetherston Fall 2011. Photo: Marc Stamas/Getty Images

MAKEUP: Lucia Pica for MAC Cosmetics
HAIR: Odile for Catwalk by TIGI
NAILS: Pattie Yankie for Dashing Diva
SNAPSHOT: Modern Forest Nympth

THE SCOOP: "Erin wanted this girl to look sort of fairy-tale like, ethereal and woodland, so we created a skin that is very glowy, shimmery and soft," explained Lucia Pica, MAC Cosmetics key makeup stylist for the Erin Fetherston Fall 2011 show. The clothes and beauty truly mimicked each other with metallic hues alongside sophisticated creams and blush pinks. Regarding the process to create this look, Pica said, "Erin is thinking about the inspiration for the collection, and we discuss it. But the Erin Fetherston woman is quite defined, which makes it really easy for us to create the look!"

Odile for Catwalk by TIGI offered that her look was comprised of "lots of braids, romantic, fluffy, baby hair, but maybe very romantic, very girly, was what Erin wanted." With multiple braids around the head interlaced with metallic thread and a chignon carefully tucked underneath, this look was quite stunning and memorable.

Pattie Yankee of Dashing Diva went with what would best match the predominant pink shades in the collection, so she went with a shade of pink that gave off a heavy yet sheer iridescent pink shimmer. As it's already day three of New York Fashion Week, Yankee recommends that models (and anyone who could use it) treat their hands with a cuticle oil, such as Dashing Diva's Cuticle Nectar, and massage it in well for full moisturizing effects.

makeup hair erin fetherston fall 2011

Makeup at Erin Fetherston Fall 2011. Photo: Marc Stamas/Getty Images

GET THE LOOK - MAKEUP: All products from MAC Cosmetics. Create the base with the Face + Body Foundation in N1 for a dreamy, light effect. Follow up with Luminous Highlights Cream Colour Base in Shell and layer Pink Opal Pigment on top of the Shell to highlight. Last, secure the skin's look with Promixing Medium Shine on top to add a final, glossy texture to the facial features. Moving to the eye area, the brows were initially lightened with concealer, while the eyelids were constructed via Dark Brown Cream Colour on the top and bottom under-eye area. 3D Gold Glitter was then swiped under and around the eye, being sure to do the inner corner, and blending it out from there. Eyelashes are curled, but no mascara is used. For lips, a concoction of three shades was combined in different parts of the lip for the look to be matte on the outside corners, moisturizing on the inside of the lip. Pair Princess Magenta with Deep Purple and finish over top with White Paint Stick.

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: All products via Catwalk by TIGI. We luckily got some great tips and a modified version to do at home for this multiple-braided look, as the original version consists of extensions (which you still may need to do for one braid or both if your hair isn't long enough. Simply braid and pin in place around the head). Volume is the key to the look, so be sure to use a lot of the Curlesque Lightweight Mousse. Add in Superstar Queen for a Day Spray Thickening Spray to guarantee volume and texture. Once hair is prepped with the two products, create two braids, starting at the back of the head, bring forward and pin throughout. For the chignon, pull back the hair in the back, underneath section, twist and pin. Seal the style with Sleek Mystique Hairspray.

nails erin fetherston fall 2011

Nails at Erin Fetherston Fall 2011. Photo: Marc Stamas/Getty Images

GET THE LOOK - NAILS: Apply two coats of Dashing Diva's Picnic in the Park and a topcoat.