Will Ragozzino, Patrick McMullan

Kellan Lutz
doesn't care where he sits.

The "Twilight" star and Calvin Klein Underwear model likes attending fashion shows so much, he'll sit, or stand, anywhere.

"I don't care if I'm first or back row," he told StyleList, "as long as I can see the product. I even don't mind standing. Sitting in the posture," he said, straightening his back, "is not super-ideal."

The actor was one of a trifecta of teen idols who showed up for the Fall 2011 Calvin Klein Men's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show, along with Zac Efron and Joe Jonas.

Lutz is interested in Calvin Klein menswear for the obvious reasons, but also admitted: "I like going to women's shows, of course." He added with a wink: "I like fashion and I like watching beautiful women and see the unique styles that they wear."

The actor was on a 36-hour turn-around to go back to filming "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" in Louisiana, but he maximized his time. After arriving on Saturday, he slept and went to dinner at Lavo. "I had a big steak and ate, ate and ate," he admitted when we caught up with him backstage at the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge. "They have these amazing desserts -- they have this fried Oreo thing that is to die for."

Not too many fried Oreos there, Kellan! No offense, handsome, but it's not your mind we love you for.