Sandy Linter

Beauty expert Sandy Linter offers tips on how to shave a few years off your look. Photo: Ben Gabbe,

While running between the tents at New York Fashion Week, we caught up with Lancôme's beauty-at-every-age expert, Sandy Linter, who has worked her age-defying magic on hundreds of models, celebrities and even royalty.

This March, Linter will launch a book with co-author and beauty editor Lois Johnson, entitled "Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age."

But perpetual beauty seekers that we are, we got Linter to dish on her top tips that you can start using now to look younger. Take notes!

1. Prime and prep. Primer is a step that any woman over 40 can't afford to skip, says Linter. A lightweight primer will fill in fine lines and pores, allowing foundation and concealer to glide over skin smoothly instead of snagging into flakes and crevices. Primer also creates a pillowy base to keep makeup looking fresh and dewy, so that you don't suffer from a mask-like dry-out by noontime.

2. Brush on moisturizer. As skin gets older, the body's natural ability to hydrate diminishes, leaving a cracked and older-looking complexion. Foundations, concealers and powders can accentuate dry texture. To keep your look luminous, try this trick: Once you've applied a moisturizing foundation base, apply some of your favorite moisturizer to a foundation brush and gently pat over makeup. Not only does it feel refreshing, but it'll keep foundation creamy.

3. Focus on your eyes. "Everyone has beautiful eyes, bring attention to them!" says Linter. Use soft-sheen shadows to brighten the lid and brow bone, and take the extra moment or two to open lashes with an eyelash curler, finished with two coats of a light mascara that doesn't weigh lashes down. Simple, light-reflecting shades are best; dark, deep contouring shades can age you unless blended like a professional.

4. Use sheer shimmer. Heavy metallics have given shimmer a bad name, but Linter says there's a difference between the two, and one makes you look younger. "Stay away from metallics, which have an opaque, frosty finish. But do use sheer shimmer, which is light and airy. I actually prefer shimmer to the matte makeup they're always telling older women to use, which I think can look and feel very heavy," said Linter. For the most flattering effect, keep things low-key by blending shimmer on the brow bone, on the center lid and to the top of the cheekbones.

5. Don't overstock. Linter says that many older women get emotionally attached to certain products, and stock up on items that go bad and age their look with outdated formulas. "I have a girlfriend who stocked up on years and years worth of a discontinued mascara. She couldn't figure out why her eyelashes had been falling out recently. We finally realized she was using this clumped-up old mascara that had turned," said Linter.

If it smells funny or the texture or color have changed, it's time to toss and find something new. "Stop holding onto that old lipstick that is way too dark for you. Be open to trying something new. Today's makeup is lighter and so much more illuminating," advises Linter.

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