Joe Kohen, WireImage

"I don't like sticking out like a sore thumb," Vanessa Hudgens told StyleList about her low-key style, during the Alice + Olivia presentation at the Plaza Hotel during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Hudgens explained why she would never don neon colors: "I try to blend in, I don't draw attention to myself. I don't like being like a blinking light."

One line that passes muster? "I love Alice + Olivia because it's supercute, fun, delicate pieces that are just girly," said the actress, who was wearing Alice + Olivia leggings and Givenchy shoes."

The 22-year-old happily displayed her unique plumed earring to us. "When I was in North Carolina, this girl makes them there in a store called Edge of Urge and she does them in all these different colors and you can create your own. I literally sat at home for hours just putting in all these different combinations of colors and feathers. It's so much fun."

Hudgens also sported a temporary skin decoration that she had applied at the happiest place on earth. She told StyleList, "I just came from Disney World, and one of my favorite places to spend time in was Morocco so of course me and my mom and my sister all had to get the henna together."

An armful of bangles adorned her left arm. "These are vintage, I found these all over the place. I just love having accessories and things and all that fun stuff."

"And I'm really into velvet, any kind is an obsession. Because it feels good, I love the way it looks, I love the way it used to be styled and I just found this amazing vintage long jacket that's velvet from the '20s, that's still in amazing shape."


"I forgot to wear it tonight, which I'm very upset about."

If you want to see more of Alice + Olivia at Fashion Week Fall 2011, check out our partner video below: