Beyoncé rocks blonde bombshell hair. Ginsburg/Spaly Inc.

Tip, tip, tipping! Beyoncé keeps it steady in a sky-high pair of Christian Louboutin heels. insburg/Spaly Inc.

If you're gonna go bold with your hair, you ought to do the same with your shoes, right? That seems to be Beyoncé's style philosophy anyway.

The pop icon was spotted yesterday on a Hollywood shopping spree with newly dyed blond locks and a staggeringly high pair of turquoise Christian Louboutin heels.

Barely able to walk in the 6-inch pumps, Beyoncé definitely made a spectacle of herself with onlookers -- especially as she used her hands (adorned with matching blue-green fingernails, of course) for support on her Cadillac Escalade limo.

The 29-year-old wore her platinum-blond mane long and wavy, but a few shades lighter than her recently debuted L'Oréal Paris commercial. She balanced her "go bright or go home" hair and heels with a supershort black, hip-hugging minidress.

While we think Beyoncé is always one sexy diva, we are partial to a slightly toned-down look with her hair and attire. And, we have to believe, her feet would agree!

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