Ian Gavan, Getty Images

While most designers would probably jump through fiery hoops for the chance to dress Emma Watson, Vivienne Westwood didn't even know who she was until a few days ago!

The legendary fashion designer presented Watson with the Style Icon award at the Elle Style Awards 2011 on Monday night in London and admitted she did not know who the young actress was, our friends at PopEater report.

Just before presenting the award, Westwood gave a little speech on stage in which she began by saying, "It's very self-indulgent of me because I was supposed to welcome and to announce the winner of the Style Icon ... and I was given this text about this woman and how amazing she is, and yesterday I was asked, 'This lady would like you to present it to her if she wins.'"

But then came the kicker, "But I didn't know who she was. They said Emma Watson. I said, 'Who is Emma Watson?' I never watch television, I don't read fashion magazines."

She was then told that the actress used to be in "Harry Potter" to which Westwood, 68, replied, "I've never seen Harry Potter."

Westwood continued by saying, "I didn't know he had this girl friend called Hermione, and I said, 'Oh ... she's lovely.' So I must have absorbed something of her. So I would like to give this award to Emma who I've just met."

But Watson took the near cringe-worthy speech in very good spirits and was seen laughing at all the right places and came on stage and very graciously accepted the award.

Watch a video of the speech below!