In our Natural Hair Bloggers series, StyleList profiles kinky, curly and coily hair beauties and share their natural hair (not chemically straightened and often coarse and highly textured strands) care and styling tips. This week, Michelle Breyer, co-founder and president of, opens up about why she went naturally curly and how she gets her strands curly and full.

Michelle Breyer's curly and full hair. Courtesy Photo

Name: Michelle Breyer
Location: Austin, Texas
Natural Since: 1992

Michelle on going naturally curly...
I spent most of my life going through a tedious routine of blowing my hair straight, putting in hot rollers and dousing it with hair spray. I also experimented with chemical straighteners, in one case getting a "chemical haircut" that resulted in huge patches of hair breaking off.

The decision to wear my hair curly was terrifying. For so many years, I lived in fear that people would know how curly my hair was. But after moving to Texas and dealing with the humidity, I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. As soon as I started wearing my hair curly, I discovered I actually liked it. And I received so much positive feedback.

I think my curls are an extension of my personality. They're not always predictable and they can be a little wild, but they're a part of what makes me unique.

Michelle's Top 5 Natural Hair Care Tips:
1. Don't shampoo everyday. Instead, condition wash or use a product that reactivates your curls.
2. Apply styling products when your hair is soaking wet, and make sure it's distributed evenly through your hair.
3. Condition, condition, condition. Curly hair is usually starving for moisture.
4. A diffuser is your friend. Diffusing your hair helps with curl formation and reduces frizz.
5. Cocktail products. By mixing products, you can customize your routine based on the weather and other factors.

Michelle's Top 5 Must-Have Hair Products
1. AG re:coil
2. Paul Mitchell Fast Form
3. Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel
4. Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper
5. Tigi Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier

Michelle's Favorite Natural Hairstyle: Curly and Full
While hair is wet, distribute styling product in sections. Take a microfiber towel and scrunch upward. Then scrunch in a little more styling product. Diffuse your hair, leaning over from side to side. To add volume, bend over and diffuse until almost dry. Take a pea-size drop of pomad, rub between your hands and run it through hair to set curls. Spritz in a lightweight hair spray to set curls.