Fernanda Calfat, Getty Images

Even if you are the suit-and-pumps type -- or even just a jeans-and-sweater-girl -- you sort of have to love the riotous celebration of style that is a Blonds show.

As the design duo of Phillip Blond and David Blond told Huffington Post last year, "For us there is no definition of style, it's about creating your own and not relying on others to dictate it to you."

Clearly, no one is dictating what these men do -- it all comes from their own amazing brains.

The Blonds last year won the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award (alongside folks like Joseph Altuzarra and Prabal Gurung - see video below) and we have to say they do take a prize for inventiveness.

Not only did the show open with two actual Chinese dragons, but it included a dragon-head dress.

Fernanda Calfat, Getty Images

We loved the glittering Afro-meets-Cleopatra wigs and pretty pink eyeshadow (one part of the look actually suitable for street wear!).

Fernanda Calfat, Getty Images

And check out the those nails. Created by CND's manicurist Kristina Estabrooks, they included Swarovski crystals and crushed glass. Not something you are going to find at your shopping-strip nail place, for sure!

See Fabioloa Beracasa with the Blonds at last year's Ecco Domani awards (scroll to 2:16) below.

And if you haven't had enough of over-the-top looks this Fashion Week, please see the gallery below.