Hair and makeup took an alien vibe at Adrienne Landau. Photo: Grace Gold for StyleList

Backstage at the Adrienne Landau Fall 2011 fashion show, the makeup was a silver veil of frost, with hair pulled back in ombré-colored long ponytails.

MAKEUP: Oslyn Holder
HAIR: Eric Alt
HAIR COLOR: Hipertin
SNAPSHOT: Alien Ice Queens

THE SCOOP: Adrienne Landau's Fall 2011 presentation featured designs by figure-skating icon Johnny Weir, with hair and makeup channeling Weir's icy influence.

"It looks like they've spent hours on a frigid skating rink," described Holder. Frostbitten lips and lashes seemingly dusted in snow made for a wintry palette on the face. Features chiseled in contouring shades brought about a feeling of a deep Russian blizzard, which complemented the sumptuous collection of fur coats and accessories like boot warmers and neck pieces.

Hair took on an otherworldly feeling, to accent the UFO-esque silver spandex bodysuits models wore beneath their hulking furs. "Since a lot of the models are wearing hats, we went with a long ponytail dipped in ombré color. It's like a classic equestrian ponytail gone alien," said Alt, who is also Weir's personal stylist.

The precolored hairpieces were clipped onto the models in either matching or contrasting shades, with crowns teased to conehead-like heights before being drawn back into a low ponytail secured at the nape of the neck and worn over one shoulder in Rapunzel fashion.

GET THE LOOK - MAKEUP: Contour the hollows of cheeks, nose, chin and eye creases using Bobbi Brown's foundations and powders in neutral tones deeper than your complexion. Blend Koh Gen Do highlighting powder down the center of the face, on tops of cheekbones and at the temples with a strong hand for a frosty finish. Apply L'Oréal Voluminous Mascara to top and bottom lashes, topping with white pigment powder while still wet for adhesion. Cool off lips with an application of concealer followed by foundation and lip balm.

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: All products by Eric Alt. Sprinkle crown section by section with Poof Volumizing Powder, and work into roots for height. Tease crown for even more lift. Clip in hair extensions and pull into low-slung ponytail, securing with an elastic tie. Finish with a generous application of Sustain Working Spray for lasting hold.