Dianna Agron. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

We're not entirely sure when Dianna Agron found time amid her "Glee" duties to star in the new action film "I Am Number Four," opening nationwide today.

From filming the show, traveling with the concert tour and attending every awards show under the sun this season -- the series was up for a slew of different trophies -- free time is far and few between.

We are, however, thrilled she found a few minutes to chat fashion and beauty with StyleList at an "I Am Number Four" fan event in Los Angeles. Read on to find out what Agron packs in her well-traveled makeup case, while we catch up on some sleep for her.

StyleList: Your character in "I Am Number Four," Sarah, is very different from your "Glee" persona. Are you just thrilled when you get to play a character who doesn't have to wear the cheerleader uniform and a ponytail?
Dianna Agron: Yes! It's such a cold world in that cheerleading uniform. Nobody knows unless you've gone there. It's just very cold.

StyleList: Is your real-life style anything like Sarah's?
D.A.: With Sarah, she's an artist and she's in the last years of her high school, so she's somewhat maturing and sophisticated. We had the mindset that if she goes online and reads books and has aspirations of traveling to places like Paris and things like that, her wardrobe would be very influenced by it. Also, too, you think that not always does a character in a movie have to be so specific to the place (they live) because of the Internet and thrift stores. So her style was very eclectic and kind of bohemian artist. My style is eclectic as well.

StyleList: Was there anything from her wardrobe that you really coveted?
D.A.: I loved all of it but particularly there's this one scene, and it's a pop-off scene, where I'm just standing in the hall and John (played by Alex Pettyfer) comes around the corner and Sarah sees him and smiles. He turns around and walks away because he has been threatened by Mark. It's this romper and it was very wildly printed with color and fun shapes. It looked like a strapless dress but there were shorts underneath and it was awesome. It's probably locked away in a Warner Bros. closet right now. All of the clothes from all of the productions end up at Warner Bros.! I just want to go raid Warner Bros. There are just stages full of clothes over there.

StyleList: If we looked in your makeup bag, what would we find?
D.A.: I have learned that good moisturizer is key, especially when you're traveling and dehydrated. I love all of the Murad products. They've been so good with my skin. And they smell really nice. Just drinking water and washing your face are both so important. And then I love the girly things like Chanel nail polish and their lipsticks are great. I love how they don't come out pointed, they come out flat. They're slanted and flat and amazing.

StyleList: You've been busy with awards season. How do you mix up your look for all of the different shows?
D.A.: I am lucky to have an amazing stylist and amazing hair and makeup people. They're inventive and they're artists. I just sit back and let them do the work.

Dianna Agron rocking a wildly printer romper in "I Am Number Four." Photo: Touchstone Pictures

StyleList: Have you picked up any tips from the pros that you've worked with?
D.A.: I'm just so bad at it. I'm minimal with makeup on a day-to-day basis. I wish I could say I was somewhat professional but I'm not, to say the least. Wash your hair -- that's a good trick!

SL: Looking back, did you ever go through a bad hair phase?
D.A.: So many! I dyed my hair red on my own, which worked really well until it started fading and became somewhat of an orange shade. That's not preferable. Also, if you're wearing a baby-blue dress, it doesn't mean you have to wear baby-blue eye shadow. It's not necessary. Or overplucking eyebrows -- that was all of my high school and then they were too far apart in the middle.

StyleList: What's up next for you?
There's a few (potential projects), and we'll see what pans out first. I love it. I love the surprise of it all. Time will tell.

Check out Agron's sophisticated glamour at the "I Am Number Four" Los Angeles premiere last week.

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