Go-go-go-gorgeous Jennifer Lopez in the new L'Oréal Paris Infallible Le Rouge ad. Courtesy of L'Oréal Paris

Talk about a comeback! Jennifer Lopez is working on world domination.

As if the Grammy Awards, Golden Globe nominations, films, TV and philanthropic work weren't enough, she's now a hit on "American Idol" and she's just been named L'Oréal Paris' new global ambassador.

One of the first glimpses you'll get of Lopez in her new role is this hot print ad for L'Oréal's new Infallible Le Rouge longwearing lipstick. She's rocking Ravishing Red and a sultry smoky eye, to boot.

Her eye look was most likely achieved with more than a few items, starting with black liner on the lower inner rim of the eyes that's extended out a bit beyond the outer corners. There's definitely a charcoal-gray shadow with shimmer in it on her lids and just under the lower lash line, as well as a silvery shade at the inner corners.

Her brow bones are highlighted with a creamy shadow and her lashes aren't shy either. They're naturally full and accentuated with black mascara on her upper and lower lashes. And bronzer contours her cheekbones and makes her face appear more angular.

This is definitely a va-va-voom look that most of us might shy away from. Not Lopez, she's superconfident, and as the ad quotes, "Staying power... you either have it or you don't." Looks like she's got it.

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