Ballerinas and royalty inspired the beauty look at Naeem Khan. Photo: Grace Gold for StyleList

Backstage at the Naeem Khan Fall 2011 fashion show, dramatically smoked eyes and lacquered ballerina buns were complemented by dressed-up glossy black nails.

MAKEUP: Kristin Gallegos for MAC Cosmetics
HAIR: Laurent Philippon for Bumble and Bumble
NAILS: Dana Caruso for Sally Hansen
SNAPSHOT: The Regal Black Swan

THE SCOOP: Naeem Khan's Fall 2011 collection dripped in the luxury of elaborately beaded gowns and appliqué cocktail attire, with statement-making makeup and hair that befits a confident, aristocratic woman.

The inspiration behind both the collection and makeup appeared to take a cue from the upcoming Kate Middleton and Prince William nuptials. "The look is inspired by the new royalty, which is sophisticated but cool and young," said Gallegos.

A "strong, straight '90s brow" framed eyes that were layered in no less than five eye shadows in purple, black and slate color families and several coats of thickening mascara on both top and bottom lashes. A pale-yellow pencil was chosen instead of traditional white to highlight the inner corners of eyes, as Gallegos says the cream shade does the same illumination trick with more subtlety. Lips and cheeks were kept bare and neutral.

The opulent vibe carried through to hair, where an updo seemed an essential pairing with the red carpet-worthy collection. "Naeem asked for something very elegant, but simple. The 'Black Swan' bun immediately popped into my head," explained Philippon.

The severe center part and tightly coiled bun required flawless perfection to pull off exactly, which Philippon said was achieved by loading hair with styling creme for a smooth and malleable finish. After securing a ponytail to the nape of neck, it was twisted and finished with an elastic tie and pins. A high-shine spray then painted glasslike brilliance over strands.

Naeem personally chose the black shade worn on short, squarely filed nails. Unlike many of the matte finishes we've seen all week, this deep nail shone brightly with a high-shine finish.

GET THE LOOK - MAKEUP: All products by MAC. Set to launch in the fall, a cream eye shadow quad first placed a purple base on lids, and then layering Carbon and Keep Your Cool eye shadows over it, and up into the crease. Haute & Naughty Lash coated up eyelashes generously, top and bottom. Pale-yellow pencil traced the waterline and inner corners for an eye-opening effect. Concealer and lip balm neutralized lips, and cheeks stayed bare.

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: All products by Bumble and Bumble. Saturate hair in Does It All from root to end, and crisply part hair in the center. Draw a low ponytail, twisting the tail around itself and into a neat bun. Secure with a tied elastic and hidden pins if necessary. Spritz generously with Spray de Mode for a lacquered finish.

GET THE LOOK - NAILS: Apply two coats of Sally Hansen's Pat On the Black, which also doubles up as base coat and shiny topcoat.