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Could our beloved fab-foursome be returning to the big screen for a third film?

According to our friends at PopEater, they just might be if Sarah Jessica Parker has anything to do with it. The franchise's leading lady said she would absolutely sign up for another "Sex and the City" film.

"I would go back," Parker revealed. "I think there's one more story to tell. I know there is." The actress, who also executive produced the first two 'SATC' movies, thinks there is still life in the story of four best friends living in New York City. But it might have to wait a few years.

"I'd definitely tell that [third] story, and I know Michael [Patrick King, the director] would do it right. But maybe not now. Maybe in five years, you know?" she said.

The actress explained why she'd prefer to wait: "It's not that I want to get away from [SATC]. In a million years, who could get away from it?" Parker said. "If I'm not scared again that's not good for me. That's literally no good for me. If I'm not terrified and nauseous and worried the first two weeks of production, then what's going to happen?"

Finally, Parker addressed rumors that a third 'SATC' movie would actually be a prequel based on Candace Bushnell's upcoming book "Summer and the City" -- starring Blake Lively or Miley Cyrus as a young Carrie Bradshaw.

"I was like, 'Wha-a-a-a-t?'" she said. "I don't think we can pretend to go back. It's creating two histories. It's like, 'Oh I didn't know that about Carrie Bradshaw.'"

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