Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Does James Franco sleep? And if so, when?

Now, in between getting a slew of advanced degrees, filming Academy Award-nominated movies, hosting the Oscars and appearing on soap operas, Franco is wearing the hat of Harper's Bazaar interviewer, with a Q&A in the March issue with Gucci designer Frida Giannini (Franco has also posed in ads for the design house).

The actor has a bit of a professional crush on the pretty blonde designer. He admits, "Frida and I have been in sync since we met. I love her work, and she supports mine. Creatively, I know we will always be in line with each other."

Franco gets inside Giannini's head with the kinds of questions a normal person would ask of a designer, namely, why do we see such wild creations on the runway when the average person can't wear or afford them?

"Not always at Gucci. I believe what we are showing on the catwalk needs to be in the stores," Giannini tells the actor.

"The big stores like in New York or London or Paris, the main flagships, they always have the entire collection-even the extreme pieces. There are people who are waiting for the extreme pieces from the fashion show. We are not the kind of company that thinks, Okay, I'll do something for the runway, and I'll make an entire new collection to sell."

Giannini tells the actor that she doesn't consider herself an artist because her work is so temporal.

"To me, art is not something that after six months you change. That's why I say I'm not an artist. I need to try to sell every single collection to make it a success," the designer says.

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