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DESIGNER: Christopher Kane

INSPIRATION: Kane arrived at his collection via a pretty diverse selection of references: crack dens, "Trainspotting," lava lamps and pencil cases. Oh, and SodaStream.

TOP LOOKS: The silhouette was focused on simple elegant column dresses, which were enhanced with mind-boggling textures and materials: iridescent paillettes, squiggled lava lamp liquid plastics and ombré organzas.

WHO WAS THERE: Alexa Chung, Daphne Guinness, Daisy Lowe, Yasmin Le Bon, Anna Wintour

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Kane's talent is his ability to jolt the senses and challenge the norms of what's tasteful. Speaking to our sister site after the show, the soft-spoken Scotsman said, "I always try to include a bit of edge, there needs to be some spike in my collections."

To accomplish that this season, he channeled the bubbling liquids of a lava lamp, that relic of '70s decor. The impossible plastic fabrics were turned on their head, and the result was utterly covetable, even elegant. This was Kane at his best: quietly rebellious, and unselfconscious and uncompromising in setting his own creative agenda.,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=985442&pid=985441&uts=1298346170