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What does Vogue's ubiquitious contributing editor Andre Leon Talley want to see at the 2011 Academy Awards red carpet?

A little more "drecitude."

"I get so tired of people on the red carpet wearing the same borrowed jewelry, same dress with train, and a few little girls with messy hair," Talley told Martha Stewart on her daytime talk show today. "I want to see people like Cher. She came like she was on her way to Las Vegas. I want to see people who take risks with their Oscar dresses."

He's also rooting for "The King's Speech," "The Social Network" and expectant mom-of-the-moment Natalie Portman to walk off with gold statues.

The judge credited with reviving "America's Next Top Model" (which just happens to begin season 16 tonight) dished with Stewart while whipping up a coconut cake. He picked the recipe because it reminded him of his beloved Southern grandma.

Talley told Stewart his favorite Oscar moment involved Barbra Streisand and a very revealing pair of pants: "When she got the Oscar, she took to the stairs with see-through bell bottoms and everyone saw everything. All the Netherlands in the geographical non-mentionable places."

While whipping batter the pair, um, buttered each other up as Stewart reminisced about other designers who have visited her television kitchen, including Michael Kors and Valentino. "As if he's ever been in a kitchen in his own house," Talley sniffed.

Meanwhile, we learned Talley has no interest in being a fashion designer ("Who wants the pressure") and his favorite "ANTM" model critique word remains dreaded "drecitude."

As for that cake, no not a morsel of drecitude: "This is perfection.There are only two things in life that can really please you, food and fashion. The two big F's."

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Also, check out this E! video with Aaron Sorkin from "The Social Network" at the Academy Awards 2011 below: